We know that you will love our products as much as these people who have left their testimonials.

Dear Karen

Congratulations on our Team win in the ACS Quality/Innovation Award.

Your dedication to Therapy for the client, residents and staff of the UPA, over many years – is a winner.

Manager CAPS 2005

To The Co-ordinator
Community Aged Care Services
Tweed Heads

Dear Elizabeth,

My wife, Thora, has suffered two acute heart attacks. As a result clinical tests made at the hospital indicate her heart is now only 35% efficient.

The massage program introduced by you and performed so well by Karen is proving very beneficial. Manipulation of the shoulders and massage of her legs using aromatherapy joint rub cream has promoted better circulation of the blood and added to the general well being of Merle who is presently house bound. Your care is much appreciated.

Yours sincerely
Norm Smith

To one and all

This letter is being written for me. I will sign. Recently I have been receiving Aromatherapy from the Community Aged Care Service and I have benefited from this, being a person who suffered from severe pain and aching.

I was at my wits end, seeking relief. On advice I tried the aromatherapy service without having to leave the comfort of my home, and great relief was achieved. I will continue to use this service because of the benefit I have experienced.

Yours sincerely
Mary Smith

To whom it may concern

The visits from the Aromathapist (Karen Court) have proved to be very beneficial to my body.

I especially feel a great benefit from the massage of my neck and shoulders.

The footspa bath with the oils is so soothing to my feet and the creams for my arms and legs really helps the skin.

Ena Adcock

To the Co-ordinators
CAPS Tweed Heads

Eddie and I thought we’d write and let you know of our wonderful results from our monthly massages from Karen. Eddie (who is my carer) could hardly lift his right arm because of very severe shoulder pain. Now with ongoing monthly massage, his pain has nearly disappeared. For the first 2 weeks (approx) after his massage he has no pain at all, then only light pain till the next massage.

I have Fibromyalgia (with severe pain and never-ending headaches); badly torn and strained right shoulder (with no strength and severe pain for 3 years), and bursitis in both my hips once again with severe pain and sleep loss). Since beginning monthly massage, fibromyalgia pain and headaches has decreased to a minimum. (No more weeks long headaches). My right shoulder is just about pain free (and my doctor is very pleased with this result). My hips are improving, but my doctor told me only that, like my fibromyalgia, ongoing massage will keep the pain down. But with the health problems we both have (Eddie has ongoing back problems, with 2 discs already removed), I have Sidgren’s Syndrome – for which there is no cure/&chronic fatigue. You can appreciate how we feel to be able to get so much relief through ongoing massage treatments.

We can’t thank the UPA enough for this wonderful massage service. Karen brings a lovely 2 hours to our home with her great personality. We really look forward to her bringing her brightness each month.

Once again thank you both very much
Tricia & Eddy Edmunds

To Whom it May Concern

RE: Tomewin Serenity Oils

Karen Court was contracted to carry out Aromatherapy at Greenhills Lodge over the past 5 ½ years. During this time Karen carried out the following treatments;

• Mixing and blending of oils, creams and atomisers to meet resident’s individual needs.

• Individual Care Plans and documentation of progress.

• Basic and Swedish massage.

Karen’s services were used by residents and staff and proved to be highly effective to many people and with varied needs. Karen always approached her therapy in a relaxed and friendly manner, which added to the overall benefits achieved by Aromatherapy.

Yours sincerely
Carol Bell
Care Manager
Greenhills Lodge

Excerpt from UPA’s application for the ACS (Aged Care Services) Industry Award 2005

“The Quality Team who serve the 22 staff members initiated a “Staff Debriefing & Nurturing Programme” over four years ago which encompassed Massage Therapy, Counselling and support of all service employees. “

“Following on from the success of this service, the Quality Team visionaries sought to place a similar service in Client’s homes. The service was to enhance the lives of the clients and in particular those clients who received a higher level of care, and was to be free of charge.”

“A Professional Massage Therapist (Karen Court), who has an employment history of Hostel service, prepared a programme which would serve to provide in-home massage therapy, using locally made products, thus supporting our local community workforce. As many clients now living in their own homes require a higher level of care, many suffer from long periods confined to bed or chair with loss of flexibility, a determining factor in health deterioration.”

“The relaxation therapy can include full massage, hand/leg massage, foot massage/footspa, shoulder massage. All therapy is done in the privacy of the client’s home, either sitting, or using the therapy table, where the client is able to.”

“Feedback from the carers has shown that those clients who “would just give it a try”, were asking “when is my next massage”. Achievements have been listed in the evaluations of each persons care and in the feedback from clients. Initials of the clients and responses are as follows:

• DD – “relieved pain and my skin is much better”
• PH – “relieved the arthritic pain in my lower back and hips”
• MS – “had a lot of relief especially for arthritis”
• WD – “improved my skin”
• EG – “I feel like a new woman!”
• LG – “had excellent results with the Skin Repair Cream, I use it twice a day”
• RD – “improved the itching in my skin condition, especially on my back, it stoped it during the evening”
• MW – “has improved my skin, eases the arthritic pain”
• AM – “the massage eases my anxiety”
• ED – “love the massage and feel very happy afterwards”

Each of these testimonies and evaluations is available if required.

“We could go on and on, the outcome has been amazing. This programme had proved such a success with our staff and now our clients were enjoying the benefits too. Overall it has enhanced the feeling of being able to make a changed in an aged person’s life at a time when pain and depression were making the future bleak. Another step forward has been in as one client states “doing something I thought I would never do – we never had massage when I was young!”

“The Quality Team is now preparing further holistic services. A Volunteer group who are trained by the UPA have participated in Seniors Week, with a display of massage therapy, thus bringing the service to all members of the community. It was such a success, that the display will now be a regular feature of the Far North Coast’s Seniors Week.”

Written and submitted by L. Melling, Community Aged Care Mgr, Tweed Heads. 2005

Dear Karen

Thankyou for making my clients and team feel like a million dollars.

You are a great girl, and you gentle touch and listening ear eases the stress of a sometimes difficult job.

Merry Christmas

L. Melling
UPA CAPS Manager

Dear Karen

On behalf of the CCP and DVA Programme Tweed Shire, I would like to personally thank you for your work with the Seniors Expo.

I am told that the day was a huge success, and knowing the effort you put into the display, I am sure it looked fabulous.

Elizabeth has great praise for your work and care of the clients, and that you made the day the success it was for us.

Once again thankyou for your hard work.

Yours sincerely

L. Melling
Program Manager
CAPS Tweed Heads

Karen 2012

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the wonderful benefits that your “Sleep Kit” has had on my son and his family.

They were having difficulty sleeping and now after using your “Sleepease” oils roll-on at night time on their temples and pulse points and your “Rescue Remedy”, and for the children, your Lavender oil rubbed onto the soles of their feet before bedtime, has been an absolute God send for them all.

They felt calmer upon going to bed and reported deeper sleeping and cured their bad sleeping habits.

Thank you once again.
Carol Costello


Dear Karen

I would like to comment on your products that I have been using for the past 6 years for my aromatherapy massage treatments on my aged care clients.

I have been ordering and using your Skin Repair oil blend and your Joint Relief Blend with excellent results.

My clients have had an improvement in their skin integrity and therefore are having less skin tears and bruising. Their skin is softer and no longer dry and flakey. In come cases, it has cured some minor skin irritations that are common to the elderly.

The Joint Relief oil blend gives great relief to arthritic sufferers, and they always comment on how good they feel after a treatment using this oil. Most report that they sleep better that night and have a great reduction in arthritic pain for a day or so afterwards.

Thank you for supplying me and my business with wonderful products for my clients. We are very grateful.
Kindest regards

Lorraine Richter
Massage Therapist
Tweed Heads NSW


Dear Karen,

Thank you for supplying my business with your “Ultrasonic Liposuction” oil blend for my gel and cream that I use on my clients during an ultrasonic liposuction treatment. My clients have reported a decrease in cellulite, weight, and increase in the stimulation of their circulation.
Kind Regards

Kat Baker
Clinic M

Dear Karen

Just a note to let you know how much I love your products.

I’ve been using your Nourishing Creamy Cleanser, Skin Repair
Cream and Deluxe Night Eye Cream (although I use it all over
my face) ?

I also have facials every 6 weeks and the last time the beauty
Therapist commented that my skin was looking great! I put it
down to your lovely creams. Thanks so much.

PS. Great prices & lovely smells, what more could you want.

Barb E
Palmvale – 20th March 2012

“I have used Skin Repair for many years, I love the way it feels, it’s a perfect texture for day and night, rich but not too rich, and great under your make up. It’s the essential oils in Skin Repair that make it smell great and work wonders on tired faces.”

“I have used a lot of products from the Tomewin Serenity Oils Beauty Therapy range. They are very good value for money as well as awesome quality” “I love using them!”

“The Healing Balm has helped heal some infections from my poor circulation – its a great product !”

Yvonne Rose

I have been using your Tomewin Serenity Oils Aromatherapy Healing Balm over a period of 4 years for minor stress induced eczema and other mild skin irritations on my face, armpits and around the ears with amazing results. The healing process is usually quite fast with most spots disappearing within a few days. The balm also helped with the itching and inflammation. I have also used it on my dry lips in winter and to heal any sealed-over cuts and scrapes and insect bites with excellent results.

I truly love your “Harmony” Sandalwood Facial Scrub also. I use it daily and often people comment on how youthful and fresh my skin is looking. I feel that after using this product, my skin looks smoother and feels more vibrant and invigorated.

Thank you for my continuing supply.

Kat Baker 2013

I have been using Tomewin Serenity Oils Joint Rub Cream for a period of 14 years. I rub myself two to three times a day with this product and I think it’s very good stuff.
I have arthritic pain in my knees, shoulders, hips and small of my back and the Joint Rub has given me much relief over a long time period.

Bill Johnson – Greenhills Lodge 2013

Tomewin Serenity Oils Aromatherapy has formulated several blends for me and I have been delighted with the research into the products, quality assurance and high level of professional service.

The Beauty Wand Lotion, Beauty Serum (anti-ageing) & Beauty Wand Oil (Rosehip & Macadamia Oil) have been very well received by my clients and have provided consistent, quantifiable results.

On a personal note, Karen Court is a highly skilled Aromatherapist who has integrity within each stage of the production and delivery of her products.
I am delighted to endorse these products.
Beth Warren. Dip BT, Dip TM, Cert LL