TRAVEL PACK 5 (For Sensitive Skin)

Everyone deserves a pampering with Aromatherapy creams, massage & bath oils, bath foams & salts, scrubs, gels, lotions, body butters, cleansers, toners, spritzers, moisturisers, natural soaps, balms and pure essential oils.

This 1 litre, 20 x 20cm travel pack is a transparent, re-sealable bag containing five (5) x 50ml or (5) x 100ml plastic PET bottles for travelling and fits requirements by the airlines for plane travel. Perfect for your holiday needs.


Travel Pack 5 (for sensitive skin)


Mini Handcrafted Goatsmilk Beauty Bar Soap

“Purifying” Toner

Face & Body Moisturising Lotion (unscented)

Macadamia Face & Body Oil (unscented)

Macadamia Body Butter (unscented)

$49.50 — $91.30