HAIR CARE GIFT PACK (For Normal To Dry Hair)

Themed gift packs are available for everything from Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mothers Day, Birthday or any occasion. Everyone deserves a pampering with handcrafted aromatherapy products.

You can order the pack as listed or any selection of products so that the gift packs can be tailor-made for that special person in your life. Just email me your preferences and I can give you an immediate quote.

This 1 litre, 20 x 20cm travel pack is a transparent, re-sealable bag containing five (5) x 50ml or (5) x 100ml plastic PET bottles for travelling and fits requirements by the airlines for plane travel. Perfect for your holiday needs or for your car or home.



“Vitality” Hair Shampoo

“Vitality” Hair Conditioner

Nourishing Hair & Scalp Treatment

Disposable Hair & Scalp Treatment Cap

Head Wrap Towel

Wide Tooth Wet Hair De-tangle Comb

$30.80 — $56.10