Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the sections “Contraindications” first.

1/  Q. Can I use the Joint Rub if I have a heart condition and am on blood thinning medication?

Yes, pharmacists have given it the Ok.  It has been used in aged care for over 10 years with no negative side-effects.


2/  Q.  Can I massage the affected arm or bathe using the oil blends if I have a breast cancer related lymphodema problem?

No, as it can clog up the lymph glands on that side.


3/  Q.  Can I use any blends on babies?

No, only use half strength blends that contain Lavender and Mandarin Oils.  Contact me regarding custom made products for babies or see the section “Women, Babies & Children Product Range”. Please refer to the Articles Section for more information.


4/  Q. What do you have for menopausal women?

Temporary relief of hot flushes, mood swings and poor sleep can be treated using the products mentioned in the section “Women, Babies & Children Product Range”. Please refer to the Articles Section for more information.


5/ Q.  Can I give anything to my pet to calm it down or for anxiety or for eczema?

Yes, you can put Rescue Remedy drops into their water supply.  See the Section “Pets Product Range”. Please refer to the Articles Section for more information.


6/ Q.  Can I use aromatherapy products if I’m on a combination of prescription drugs?

Yes, aromatherapy products are safe to use alongside prescription medications.


7/  Q.  First Aid – What should I do if I get any oils in my eyes?

If any oils get into the eye/s, flush with running water for 10 minutes.


8/ Q. What do I do if I have a skin reaction to the products?

If a skin reaction to an oil or blend occurs after application, discontinue use and wash off thoroughly with soap and water immediately. Some oils can irritate sensitive skins. If any irritation persists, obtain medical advice.


9/ Do you have “hypoallergic” products?

Yes, I would suggest the pure Macadamia Oil or Macadamia Beauty Bar, also the Macadamia Body Butter.  None of these will produce any skin reaction for a sensitive skin. Please refer to the section on Hypoallergic Products. Please refer to the Articles Section for more information.


10/ Q. What should I do if I think I may have an allergy to a particular oil in a product?

You can do a skin patch test before using the product by rubbing a small amount into an area of skin on the inner thighs or inner upper arms.  Leave for 5-10 minutes, if there is no skin reaction, you are able to use the product.


11/ Q. Can I use aromatherapy products when I am pregnant?

You should not use aromatherapy oils without consulting an Aromatherapist.  Some oils can have a stimulating effect and this is a contraindication with pregnancy. Some oil blends can be used during childbirth. See section on “Women, Babies and Children’s Products”. Please refer to the Articles Section for more information.


12/ Q. What do I do if my child accidentally swallows some oils or cream?

Products should always be kept out of reach from children.  Do not induce vomiting, but give a small amount of water and seek immediate medical attention.


13/ Q. Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, I am very confident in the quality of my products and provide a 21 day satisfaction guarantee from the receipt of your products. If you are unsatisfied with any product purchase, please return to me at PO Box 970, Murwillumbah NSW 2484 and I will replace it immediately.  Please also notify me by email or letter, what the problem is, as I will always endeavour to remedy the situation.  Your feedback is valuable to me and for the quality assurance of my products.


14/ Q. How long is the shelf life of your products & how should I store my essential oils and products?

Our oils will last in prime condition for up to 18 months if kept airtight in a cool, dark, dry place, away from direct sunlight.  Some products contain a synthetic preservative which can increase the shelf life to 2 years.  See question 19 below.


15/ Q. How much essential oil is actually used in your products?

As raw essential oils are extremely powerful and concentrated they should not be used directly on the skin. I recommend 3% blend for the body and 1% for the face and for children. Any stronger can actually have a burning effect on the skin.


16/ Q. Are any of your products tested on animals?

No. I am totally against experimenting on animals and I refuse to use raw ingredients from any suppliers who are involved in such practices.


17/ Q. Are your products all Australian?

As far as possible I use and promote Australian raw materials in the making of my products. However some of the pure essential oils I require for my blends are not produced in Australia, so they are carefully sourced from other countries.


18/ Q. How do I use these blends in my bath?

Pour a capful into the palms of your hands, massage well into your skin, then relax in a warm bath for 15 minutes. This way the oils can penetrate easily through the layers of your skin, into your blood stream and not be left around the bath for you to clean! ENJOY


19/ Q. Do you use any preservatives in your products?

Yes, some of the products contain a synthetic broad spectrum, paraben free, anti-microbial preservative called Propylen Glycol.  This ensures an extended shelf life of 2 years. It is made from propylene glycol, diazolidinyl urea &  iodopropynl Butylcarbonate.


20/ Q. How do I order?

Once you have selected your product, you can order it from 2 places – either the product listing page or the actual page containing the picture of the product and its information. Some products have additional information such as different bottle quantities or different colours.  Simply type in the number of bottles that you want in the “quantity” box and click on the “add to cart” link. You will then be asked whether you would like to “continue shopping” or whether you would like to purchase your selected product. If you would like to continue shopping simply click on the “continue shopping” button. You can then add further products to your shopping cart or simply view other products. Once you have finished browsing you should click on the “view cart” link from the very top of our web site. You should then select your shipping option and click on the purchase button. You will then be asked to complete your delivery details and to complete the order form. If you have any questions about how to order or if you encountered any problems whilst trying to order please send me an e-mail to tomewinserentityoils@gmail.com


21/ Q. How quickly can I get my order?

We will process your order within 48 hours of its receipt. The time that you receive your order then depends upon which state it is being shipped to. Please visit our shipping options section for further information.


22/ Q. When will I receive confirmation of my order?

You will receive email confirmation of receipt and the status of your order usually within a short time of your placing the order (This time frame may be delayed slightly depending upon the capacity of your Internet Service Provider).  You will also receive your printed invoice with your order.


23/ Q. What are your shipping costs for shipping in Australia?

Please visit our shipping prices section for the shipping prices.

Australia Post deliver within Australia in 2-3 days with this normal mail delivery.