Contra-indications of essential oils and factors which may interfere with the effectiveness of treatment


  • Varicose Veins, Blood clots (DVT) – no massage over area, can massage above area towards the heart.


  • Heart Condition – no stimulating oils to be used in large quantities (rosemary). If condition severe – no massage.


  • Post operative patient – get medical advice first


  • Medications – if unsure, check with Dr or pharmacist for any contra-indications.


  • Intoxication (alcohol or drugs) – not to use oils or massage during this time.


  • Infected or open wounds – no direct massage over site, can use latex gloves.


  • Contagious conditions – (hepatitis, rash, tinea) – use gloves.


  • Pain – local sharp, dull, achy, deep, surface. Question first, if unsure, don’t massage the area.


  • Inflamed or torn tissue – no direct massage over the area


  • Cancer  (lumps/tissue changes) – no massage over the area


  • Oedema (fluid retention) – gentle flushing movements only, towards the heart or the closest lymph nodes.


  • Bleeding or bruising – avoid massage over the area.


  • Allergic reactions – test patch for skin sensitivity or avoid use of oil that causes the allergy (if known). Test patches can be performed on the inner thigh or inner arm – wait 10 mins.


  • Broken bones – no direct massage


  • Any condition or problem that you are absolutely not 100% sure of if in doubt, ask your Doctor.


First Aid:

If any oils get into the eye/s, flush with running water for 10 minutes.  If a client has a skin reaction to an oil or blend, wash off with soap and water immediately. If any irritation persists, obtain medical advice.